Will DC’s Black “Superman Reboot” Succeed For Warner Bros. & DC Like Henry Cavill’s Superman?

Superman Reboot film in The Works With Script Writer Ta-Nehisi At Warner Bros. without Henry Cavill. Now it is worth noting that who will play the character of Superman in future. This is a complex problem for Warner Bros. and DCEU. Because a big franchise has to evaluate everything for casting of their film. If the main cast is not corrected for the film, the foundation laid does not matter. The same problem is seen with Warner Bros. and DC.

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It’s not that Henry Cavill won’t be able to see Superman again, he’s still in a contract with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Studio is making a Black Superman film with Bad Robot. The film is being produced by J. J. Abrams. Warner Bros. is making a new experiment by filming a Black Superman Reboot, just like Warner Bros did with the Joker with Todd Phillips’s Joker film (2019). It is believed that Warner Bros’ upcoming Superman reboot will not be part of DC Extended Universe.

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Black Superman First Appearance in DC’s Comics

It’s not like Black Superman doesn’t exist in the DC Universe. Black Superman was first introduced in DC Comics in Final Crisis #7 ( March 2009 ) created by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnk. Where Superman was introduced as Calvin Ellis, later he becomes the president of United States Of America.

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Henry Cavill’s Impact as Superman

Image- Warner Bros.

DC Extended Universe began with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel film in 2013. The main character in Man of Steel was played by Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill was well-liked in the role of Superman, as if he really was Superman. The film grossed around $669 million at the box office with a budget of 225 million. This was followed by Henry Cavill’s 2016 Batman film, which grossed $872.7 million at the box office with a budget of 250 million. Then came the Justice League film in 2017, which Zack Snyder had to abandon the film due to family tragedy.

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Later Josh Whedon completes the film. The film collapsed at the box office. Justice League film box office collection was $657.9 with a budget of 300 million. Fans later campaigned on social media to #releasetheSnyderCut. Later, Warner Bros had to accept the fans and got green signal. Then Zack Snyder’s Justice League was scheduled to released on March 18, 2021 on streaming service platform HBO Max . Zack Snyder’s Justice League becomes a blockbuster for Warner Bros. Studio.

The impact of Henry Cavill’s role of Superman has been overwhelming among viewers. Though, Warner Bros is making a Superman reboot film different from DCEU. Therefore, any actor will have a greater responsibility to play the role of Superman.

Warner Bros is looking for a black actor for his Superman Reboot film. Now the biggest issue is who will play the character of Superman in the Superman Reboot. Let’s talk about the actor who can play the character of Superman.

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Michael B. Jordan

Image- Warner Bros.

If we believe the rumors, Michael B. Jordan can be seen playing the role of Superman. Michael B. Jordan’s name has topped the list to play Superman in the Superman reboot. Warner Bros. Studios can announce his name for the film at any time. Michael B. Jordan has given many memorable performances during his career. Whether it is the Creed film series or Marvel’s Black Panther film, Michael B. Jordan fits perfectly into the role of Black Superman. Michael B. Jordan’s performance is well received in Tom Clancy’s Novel-based film Without Remorse. Michael B. Jordan is in the golden phase of his career, it would be no surprise if he was cast in a ‘Superman’ Reboot for Warner Bros.

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If Michael B. Jordan’s cast confirmed for Superman Reboot, he has everything that would make a film a box office hit.

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