Hugh Jackman Is Returning As ‘Wolverine’ In ‘Deadpool 3’

Hugh Jackman is returning to reprise his iconic character, Wolverine, in Disney Marvel’s pic, Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds.


Fans’ curiosity must have reached the seventh sky when they came to know that Hugh Jackman will once again be seen in the role of Wolverine. Yes, it is now official that Hugh Jackman will once again be seen playing Wolverine on the big screen. This also gets special because he will be seen in Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds confirms Jackman’s casting in Deadpool 3 in the strange way he’s known for.

Ryan Reynolds released a video on his social media account Instagram, saying that, “Hey everyone, we’re extremely sad to have missed D23, but we’ve been working very hard on the next Deadpool film for a good long while now. I’ve had to really search my soul on this one. His first appearance in the MCU obviously needs to feel special. We need to stay true to the character, find new depth, motivation, meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart.”

Reynolds continuous, “It’s been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside. And I…I have nothing. Yeah, just completely empty up here. And terrifying. But we did have one idea.”

Lastly, when Hugh Jackman is seen heading to upstairs in the background, Ryan asks him, “Hey, Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time?”

So Hugh replies that, “Yeah, sure, Ryan.”

Shawn Levy Will Direct Deadpool 3 For Marvel. Shawn Levy has previously directed Netflix’s sci-fi The Adam Project and 20th Century Fox’s Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds. Original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back to penned the script for Deadpool 3.


Obviously, both the Deadpool movies that have been released so far have earned a lot of money at the box office. The first 2016′ Deadpool was directed by Tim Miller and grossed $782 million at the box office from a budget of around $60 million. The second installment Deadpool 2 was directed by David Leitch ( John Wick )which earned a whopping $785 million at the box office.

Hugh Jackman last appeared as Wolverine in 2017’s Logan directed by James Mangold. Apparently, Hugh Jackman later announced that he would not be seen again as Wolverine. Since then this curiosity had arisen in the minds of fans as to which actor would play Wolverine in the future. Last July, Taron Egerton claimed that he was in talks with Marvel Studio to play Wolverine in MCU.

But now that Hugh Jackman has returned as Wolverine and also things have come under Marvel. In such a situation, the chances of Hugh Jackman appearing as Wolverine in Marvel’s upcoming big event film Avengers: Secret Wars increase. Because, it’s also worth noting that Marvel teased Wolverine for first time in the MCU in the Disney+ show She-Hulk. Also if Marvel can still bring Wolverine in Avengers: Secret Wars without messing with its current timeline. Obviously Logan was set in 2029 and the Secret Wars timeline will be set in 2025.

Deadpool Release Date

Marvel has also announced the release date of Deadpool 3 with the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Deadpool 3 is schedule to release in theatres on September 6, 2024.

See below Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram video regarding Hugh Jackman’s casting as Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Source – Instagram

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